Organ Songs For The Feral Night

by First Nations

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Recorded July 8-9th 2010. 4 new songs recorded only on an organ.


released July 11, 2010



all rights reserved


First Nations Grande Prairie, Alberta

First Nations (currently known as Wand) is Grande Prairie AB musician Derek Janzen. He has been quietly recording and releasing homemade alternative music from out of his bedroom in the cold and dark of the north since 2008. He has played along side some great acts including Mike Edel, Happy Trendy, and Stacy Lloyd Brown. ... more

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Track Name: Beach People
I can feel your eyes all the time
burning holes into my head
and i can see that you've won
all the medals that make you a real man.

I can see your face
in the light of the flames.
when are you ever going to
hand me those prizes i won for you?

I can hear your voice
echoing to me on the beach
you say, "my heart is where our home was
before it burnt down."
Track Name: I Cut Off Both My Hands
Last night i blew your fires out
and lit them to the bridges.
Dead leaves blow through your big black town
where all the buildings have burned down.

This is where i was meant to live
all of my friends are horses.
i'll lift my arms up to the sky
and pull the diamonds from your eyes

oh i cut off both my hands and i
handed them to you.
Saying, "there's nothing that i will not do
that you're not willing to."
Track Name: Swimmers
In my head there's a choir of light
shining all out of me.
In my heart there's a statue of you
but it's too dark to see it.
Boy do you, paint the bones of the dead?
Can you sleep through the night?
While you walk through the woods
do you sing with that light, boy?

Oh, holy fools who are
stamping their hooves in the snow.
I set fire to the homes
of all of the wolves that i know.
Oh, holy fools who are
stamping their hooves in the snow.
I set fire to the homes
of all of the wolves that i know.

I rode from this heart with the sun on my shoulders
on the september waves
and you yelled out to me, to the sound of my dreaming
like a boy from the bottom of a well.
Do you lift up your voice?
Have you swam in these waters or
are you drinking the blood
washing up on the shore?
Track Name: Cathedral Bells
I wish that I could see
your wind in the pine trees
all blowing through the silver skies
into the sails of a ship heading east.
I hope that the light here
stays true through the new year
so we can walk down that winding road
but I don't really want to know where it leads.

I wish that I could hear
your voice when the smoke clears
as you walk through the prickly pine
onto the beaches much larger than mine.
and I hope that waves here
tear down what my heart fears
so I can listen to your magic voice
but I don't really want to know what I means.

I’d like to think that your eyes never see me
but they can see just as easy as mine.
So when the moment came when the sun went down
and all the light wasn’t able to shine
I said, “I’m sorry I rang your cathedral bells.”
You said that, “sorry doesn’t cut it for me.”
But In the morning light I saw your face
While you were swimming in the lake, oh
When I heard you singing to me.