Before There Were Mountains

by First Nations

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released December 21, 2009



all rights reserved


First Nations Grande Prairie, Alberta

First Nations (currently known as Wand) is Grande Prairie AB musician Derek Janzen. He has been quietly recording and releasing homemade alternative music from out of his bedroom in the cold and dark of the north since 2008. He has played along side some great acts including Mike Edel, Happy Trendy, and Stacy Lloyd Brown. ... more

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Track Name: Paper Heart/Leather Lungs
Oh i've got this paper heart
but it's not like one of those
ones that have been torn apart
no my hearts blood barely flows
cause I'm out here in the snow
no, i do not mind the cold.

Now i've got these leather lungs
that have no business being there
hiding right behind my ribs
while I'm here gasping for air
Soon enough they will forget
my leather lungs shrink when they're wet.
Track Name: Ghost Lamp
In your neighborhood
the lights shine on me
and well i made peace with the streetlights
but thats not much of a story
so i sail out on the sea
i'll leave my country
cause i wanted someone to notice
and no i'm not much of a sailor
so i get tossed by the waves
i swim right out of my grave
and i'll be right back in the morning
with the sun creeping out of the curtains
well we'll run around in the park
we'll run until it gets dark
and then we'll make peace with the street lights
ya we'll make peace with the street lights

Don't stay here with me
in this burning city
cause there ain't nothing here but a fire
and i'm on top of the buildings
now i'm left here with the beasts
with claws and sharpened teeth
i always wanted someone to notice
and no i'm not much of a dancer
while they feed feed on my heart
our bodies all fall apart
and it's a nice night in the forest
well see you in the morning
and we watched the sun rise
we got the sun in our eyes
while were on top of the buildings
ya were on top of the buildings.
Track Name: Beach People
I can feel your eyes all the time
burning holes into my head
and i can see that you've won
all the medals that make you a real man.

I can see your face
in the light of the flames.
when are you ever going to
hand me those prizes i won for you?

I can hear your voice
echoing to me on the beach
you say, "my heart is where our home was
before it burnt down."
Track Name: Poorly Knitted Skull
Maybe there's a way
to climb over this heat
and somehow miss your spreading flames
before they come for me

Maybe there's a place
buried in the glow
with only black to fill the space
and voices all resound

Maybe there's a cave
hidden in the soil
that slowly turns into your grave
because it holds you down

and i will cut off both my hands

maybe there's a face
bearing green felt eyes
and trying hard to stay awake
my poorly knitted skull
(begins to break)

and i will cut off both my hands
Track Name: Son, We Are Animals
My son, my son
never hold your tongue
you gotta sing a song
Cause i know it seems dark
but there's a light in your heart
that needs turning on
Shine out your flames
shine out your flames
so it never ends
and if i'm here when that happens
we will all be clapping
me and all my friends
all of my friends


My son, my son
you should always run
from your enemies
cause their far too slow
in the falling snow
and the fallen trees
the fallen trees
Watch the sun go down
watch the sun go down
we were raised by wolves
just me and you
howling at the moon
we are animals

Track Name: Wild Beasts/Old Flame
The wild beasts live near a city
with no lights and no buildings and no more limousines
and all the men living in that dead town
wore their hearts hearts hearts on their sleeves.

If there are planets that don't have a name
and clouds showering stones onto the river bank
then those beasts will tear the shirts off our backs
and our hearts will dry up under the beating sun
I wrote a poem about a modern stage-play
wrote in 1998 and shown in montreal
on a train to go and meet you in the city
you said i never knew buildings could grow so tall
oh, this town is gunna burn up like the rest of em'
and i never loved a fire more than this one here
and those beast will fall asleep on the shore
and our hearts will shine out like an old flame
Track Name: Little Wings
Why is it that our blood is all that shows
what we're made of?
I'd rather take all of my friends back to
before there were mountains
cause then they'd see there is more than
their wooden hearts and wooden hands.

And there are creatures underneath the ocean
with the rusted anchors and your wedding rings
we'll find a place that we can make our home and
disappear on little wings.

I'm told that in these feral days
below us are a thousand flames
that there's a fire underground
that heats up this entire town.
But i can't trust somebody else
i'll need to see it for myself

And there are creatures underneath the ocean
with the rusted anchors and your wedding rings
we'll find a place that we can make our home and
disappear on little wings.